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Roland Deiser is a globally recognized thought leader in the field of creating strategic and organizational capabilities for complex organizations. He pursues his passion by publishing, teaching, speaking, advising, orchestrating executive networks and producing customized think tanks.

As a Drucker Senior Fellow, Roland leads the Center for the Future of Organization at the Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University, which he founded in 2015. He is also the Founder and Chairman of the Executive Corporate Learning Forum (ECLF), an international consortium of more than 50 global corporations which focuses on key issues of learning and of transformation in large organizations.

His current work focuses on the impact of digital transformation on leadership and organization, and on organizational capabilities that are required to shape and leverage business ecosystems.


Roland Deiser is the author of three books, and he has published more than 40 articles in professional journals, magazines, and books. A comprehensive list of publications can be found in the archive.

Based on 30+ in-depth interviews with topexecutives from 6 global corporations

With 10 casestudies fromleading globalcorporations

… with heartfelt enthusiasm, this book should be read immediately by every leader in every institution.. — Warren Bennis, author of “On Becoming a Leader”

…creatively uses learning theory and practice to recast the practice of strategic management…– Larry Greiner, Co-Author of Dynamic Strategy Making

…I highly recommend this book for any corporate leader wanting to succeed in a rapidly changing world. — John Seely Brown, Co-Author of The Social Life of Information and The Only Sustainable Edge

A fascinating journey through contemporary issues ofleadership and organization…

With 120,000+ downloads one ofthe most popular articles in thehistory of McKinsey Quarterly…

Talent Management in the Creative Age

The article analyzes the drivers that make creative competence a critical success factor for competing in the 21st century and discusses the managerial challenges that come with it.

Business Models Galore: TheColorful and Diverse World ofCorporate Universities

The paper provides a functional analysis of various business models of Corporate Universities and highlights their potential contribution in the areas of Education, Cultural Integration, and Strategic Transformation.

Creative Leadership

Strategy, innovation, organizational design, talent management, and the ability to lead in networked ecosystems are all increasingly dominated by the creative paradigm.

The article provides a concise summary why creative competence has become a critical success factor for leaders and organizations alike

Structuring Learning andDevelopment in GlobalOrganizations

This White Paper provides a general assessment of the way global corporations organize their learning and development function, with special emphasis on activity portfolios and the way they are managed.

It discusses various models of structuring L&D and the pros and cons of functional integration and differentiation.


Roland enjoys talking to audiences large and small about perspectives he feels worth sharing, and working with teams and organizations on key challenges they want to address. This work has led him to many countries, across four continents . Below are some samples from recent speaking engagements; a more comprehensive list of keynotes, panel contributions, and executive workshops can be found in the archive.

13 C's to Futureproof Organizations

BTG Horizons Bootcamp
Chicago, IL

Digital Transformation Challenges in Large and Complex Organizations

Keynote and Executive Workshop
Frankfurt, Germany

Reinventing the Organization in the Digital Age

Virtua Keynote
Global Talent Innovation Network
Los Angeles, CA

Designing Corporate Learning as an Engine for Transformation and Innovation

Corporate Learning Forum 2018
Munich, Germany

The Impact of Social Technology on Leadership and Organization

American Marketing Association
Atlanta, GA

Building Strategic Competence

Executive Workshop
SAP Leadership Retreat
Silicon Valley, CA


Since more than 15 years, Roland produces and leads global conferences, summits, and symposia on key issues related to strategic and organizational transformation. Most of them are invitation only events, hosted by global corporations, and usually limited to senior executives and global thought leaders.

The careful curation of both content and participants, together with a highly interactive and collaborative format results in a unique culture of trust, enabling socially and intellectually inspiring dialogues that have lasting impact. Here is a sample of recent events; more of them can be found in the archive.


Roland Deiser founded and leads

Founded in 2005, the Executive Corporate Learning Forum (ECLF) unites top executives from about 60 major global corporations from more than a dozen countries in an intellectually and socially inspiring environment that enables in-depth discourse on key issues that large and complex organizations face. ECLF is a vendor-free and invitation only community.


Founded in 2015, the Center for the Future of Organization (CFFO) at the Drucker School of Management focuses on applied research and practical discourse on new paradigms of Leadership and Organization. In the tradition of Peter Drucker, its work transcends disciplines and combines conceptual depth with practical applicability and ethical responsibility.




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